License request and check

Currently the licensing process is not automatic.

User/Company registration

If the user/company in not registered yet, the following steps shall be done before, or during, license request:

  • Download the registration form and fill in the required fields
  • Send back the form using the information within it *

(*) for company registration: only requests coming from the company domain will be accepted.

How to request a license

To obtain a valid full featured license for JCOBridge you need only 3 steps:

  1. Download the installer from download page or get the nuget package
  2. On the target machine create a license request using the tools in the suite (see section below on how to create a license request)
  3. Send the license request file (JCOBridge.licreq) with the filled request form

Within up to 2 working days we answer to your request.

How to create a license request

Creates a license request is very simple:

  • Open a shell (command prompt for Windows)
  • If you are using the msi installer run the following command:
C:\Program Files\MASES Group\JCOB\Core\MachineIdGenerator.exe
  • If you are using the NuGet package, after the first build of your project, run the following command within the output directory:
WindowsPrompt> MachineIdGenerator.exe
WindowsPrompt> dotnet MachineIdGenerator.dll
LinuxPrompt$ dotnet MachineIdGenerator.dll
  • The license request file will be generated in the current directory of the shell; just send the file to us.
  • Only on Windows platform a graphical tool for license management is available; run the following for msi installer:
C:\Program Files\MASES Group\JCOB\Core\LicenseManagerUI.exe

or the following for NuGet package within project output folder

WindowsPrompt> LicenseManagerUI.exe
WindowsPrompt> dotnet LicenseManagerUI.dll

License installation

The product searches for the license file in the current folder (the starting folder of the application which hosts JCOBridge). To use a different path use the specific command line option (see command line switch).


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