JCOBridge is the fastest tool to bridge .NET and any JVM

JCOBridge Benefits

Fast &

Fast and Cyber-safe by design: no marshalling, no proxies, no custom channels to connect .NET and JVM. JCOBridge reaches the maximum theoretical speed and safety.


Reduce time to market eliminating long and dangerous software portings. With JCOBridge you can use your Java code from .Net applications and vice versa.


If you have a well working software library you can use it in every software platform.


If your new project need to be deployed in a different platform you don’t need to do staffing, you can develop most of it in your reference platform, and deploy it on the customer required platform.


How much money can you save using your existing modules and documentation without needs of development, validation or test?


The less the involved development, the less the business risk. With JCOBridge you can develop less and reuse more.


In a world divided between two main technology platform, gaining instantaneous access to a technology can double your customer base in a single shot.

JCOBridge Features

.NET and Java are the leader software development platforms on the market and are seamless present on devices and products industries.
JCOBridge enables the reuse of Java and .Net libraries and software solutions across different worlds, minimizing the time to market and maximizing the code reuse. JCOBridge allows to access modules and devices not available in the reference team technology, or share purchased software blocks between teams with different software platforms. Explores available features.

News in Version 2.4.*

.NET Core/5/6 Support

.NET Core/5/6 host for Windows and Linux (other platforms are available on demand)

Simplified wrapping of Java classes from .NET

Release Notes

NuGet package

NuGet Template Package