How it works

In JCOBridge approach, .NET (Framework/Core) and JVM (Java SE 8+) live in the same process and both engines still remains insulated. Each engine runs its own native language code and the best still be obtained within each platform. The communication, between .NET and JVM, is made using a thin bidirectional communication layer managed from JCOBridge. To reach the best performance, JCOBridge use directly the full power of API available in JNI interface (JVM) and P/Invoke (.NET). The translation layer is smooth and does not need any data marshalling, proxy generation, custom communication channels. JCOBridge, in the translation layer, simply use references to objects and classes and the weight of this layer does not impact on the performance at all.

JCOBridge Overview


.NET/JVM code are executed within the same process environment. This avoids by design any cyber-sec issues related to our product and that can be found in competing products where there is a custom communication channel which links .NET and JVM.


JCOBridge is a lightweight solution. It has a very little footprint and it is the best solution for any environment. Particularly it is the best solution for embedded environment.

Field proven

Built on top of the field proven DLR plugin available in the Sinapse platform (https://www.sinapsesystem.com), JCOBridge guarantees the best performance in JVM and CLR worlds integration.

Features comparison



  • Available for .NET (Framework/Core) and Java SE 8+ on Windows and Linux (other platforms available on demand)
  • Retrieve and access CLR/.NET Type
  • Instantiate and access CLR/.NET objects
  • Invoke instance and static methods
  • Get/Set instance and static properties
  • Get/Set instance and static fields
  • Manage and interact with Delegates
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe events
  • EmbeddedWPF controls within AWT/Swing window
  • Embedded WinForms controls into AWT/Swing window
  • Embedded complex .NET Graphical user interfaces objects into AWT/Swing window
  • WPF/WinForms User Interface Controls, properties and events management without effort