Java command line options

The following options are automatically parsed and available from the command line.


java [all java/JVM options here] -cp “[path to JCOBridge.jar];[classPath]” yourJavaClass [–NativePath:][–LicensePath:] [–CoreCLRRID:] [–CoreCLRPath:] [–CoreCLRApp:]

--NativePath:“PATH”               The path where is located JCOBridge runtime. Default is the same folder of JCOBridge.jar
--LicensePath:“PATH” The path where is located the JCOBridge license file
--CoreCLRRID: The Rid to use. Searched autmatically, using some system infos. Set it to override searched value
--CoreCLRPath: The fully qualified location of the coreclr library
--CoreCLRApp:"Framework" The framework to be used: valid values are Microsoft.NET5.App (Default), Microsoft.NETCore.App or Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App

Usage Example (from JCOBridge-Examples):

java -cp “../../CLR/OutputCore/net5.0-windows/JCOBridge.jar;./Output” AWTWinFormsWPFNET5 –CoreCLRApp:Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App

Code snippet to be used:

import org.mases.jcobridge.*;

public class yourJavaClass {
	public static void main(String args[]) {
		try {
				try {
				} catch (JCException e) {
// all stuff

		} catch (JCException jce) {