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Terms and condition

The installer will install JCOBridge in full features Trial mode (max 1 hour continuous execution time for each run). To remove the limitation you need to request a valid license for the target machine. See Pricing and License request pages.

JCOBridge Installer executable

This package install everything you need to start using JCOBridge version only with .NET Framework.

We reccomend to use NuGet Packages and templates available for both, .NET Core and .NET Framework development, at the following links:

NuGet package

NuGet Template Package

Installer executable instructions:

  • Download and extract the zip
  • Depending on your target machine:
    • 32 bit: run JCOBridgeInstaller_x86.msi
    • 64 bit: run JCOBridgeInstaller_x64.msi

Remarks: do not mix the two platforms

Release notes

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